Dear Sherlock,
Since you never have time for me I am going to think about how you changed for a very long time. I guess in this time of mobile phones people get bored of the ones they love or maybe they just pretend to love them. I don’t know what happened to you. One time when I asked you why did you change you said because of me, because I wanted to stay away from the girl you were really close to once. I never understood that, because I thought this is what people do they love someone, they simply get jealous.
Remember the time you were sad about Anny because her relationship was not going well? I saw the pain in your eyes for her. My relationship is not going well too. I expected to see the same pain, I was just over expectating I guess!
When people are in love they are supposed to take care of each other. Modern times. Now people show anger by blocking the other. Remember the last time you called me because I was upset? We argue, you block me, I call you! Again next day we argue this time I block you. I wait for your call. Then again I call you. And I listen to cars honking because you are out with your friends having fun, forgetting that I could be upset and you need to be there for me. And even after that you blame me saying you don’t have friends because of me. Why? Have you ever actually seen my side? Have you ever wanted to talk to me because of me and not for you? Have you tried? Do you even want to try?
Lately I don’t even feel that you love me anymore. Then what is the point of killing me everyday? Another thing I’ll be thinking for a long time because you won’t be there. You actually were never there for me. I was a fool to understand this so late.
You do have a life, enjoy it. Gain your friends that you lost.
Because this is a CLOSURE from me.
I hope you don’t miss me and search for me in every other person.

-Could have been yours,
Author: Irene

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