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I Think I’m In Love

It was my first year in high school; a couple months after my first break up. It was painful, after realizing that it was all just a lie. But I was doing fine. In fact, I was doing great; I had all the supportive friends I needed, the best family and I had a dream, a future planned ahead of me. I wasn't the type to drool over a boy and cry for months. I didn't have crushes either. Mainly…
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Kolkata to have India’s first floating market soon

Kolkata officials announce plans to open India's very first 'floating market' to the public next year.   Market will based on fringes on Biswa Bangla Sarani or the Eastern Metropolitan Bypass in near Patuli The market, a first for India, will be opened to the public in January next year A local Councillor added that the market will have different segments for different kinds of products   Kolkata is set to make history by adding a floating market on its…