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A woman hanged herself few days ago in my neighborhood. She was a nice lady. She lived with her husband and her in-laws. They were good people too. We never heard shouts coming out of that home. They day they found her body, her parents came. I saw them crying like crazy. That was the more horrible part to watch. Mother collapsing on her dead girl's body. The police came, took her body and reported it was in fact suicide.…
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Top 10 Mobiles Under 10000

If you are in the market looking for the best phone under 10000, chances are that you will end up with too many options. As technology continues to become more affordable with each passing month, features such as 16MP rear cameras, Full HD displays and fingerprint sensors have started making their way to phone under 10,000. Moreover, the increase in battery size means that users do not have to charge their phones too often. Which one should you buy, though?…